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What Now?

You've just started this journey with Jesus.  But you can't do it alone.  You need God's help and the help of others who follow Jesus.  This page will take you through what you need to do now.

Tell us!

We'd love to hear about your decision.  Hit "Let's Go" so we can follow up with you about your decision to follow Jesus.

Tell Someone else

Tell a close friend or family member about what happened to you today, and how meeting Jesus makes you feel!  Do this today - it will help your decision stick!

Be filled with The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit will help you live with him and for him.  We would love to pray with you to receive God's wonderful gift.  Fill in the what now form or ask for prayer at church or The Bridge Centre.  Our team will be delighted to pray with you!

Connect with us!

Sunday Mornings

Warneford School Hall, Highworth SN6 7BZ



The Bridge Centre

8 Sheep Street, SN6 7AA


For more information about our events, go to our "What's Happening" and "Who We Are" pages.


Prayer is just talking to God.  Begin each day by welcoming God into your heart, mind and daily choices.  Church, a new believers or Alpha group can help you with understanding prayer and how to do it.

Another great place to start is the lectio 365 app

Read the Bible

The Bible is Gods Word, and what better way to get to know someone that to listen to them speak? 

We recommend you start with a Gospel, the story of Jesus' life, Mark is the shortest one. 

Find a version that you like reading, you can look at lots of different ones here. Speak to one of the HCC team if you'd like some help. 

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